Jun 17

I thought that everything will be just fine

You know that feeling when people drifting away from you. DAMN! It hurts a lot! Specially when those people meant a lot to you. This one is a very dramatic blog! PINAGPALA FAMILY!!! What the hell is going on? You were the family that I treasure. Then, all of a sudden we’ll turn out to be this! For pete’s sake I wouldn’t want that relationship to die! We’ve worked so hard to establish that family! At first, all of us found it at to get along with each other. We are witnesses to our own hardship! Let’s not throw it away! DAMN IT! Next, my bestfriends! Only because we’re in different classrooms now, everything should change!!!??? Gosh! Are we throwing all those years just because we’re not classmates anymore!? It’s just the first day of school! Did you get replaced so easily? I was hoping that it would still be ESE ‘til the end. But I guess there’s no point to that anymore. Be happy guys! I’ll always be here :”)

Dec 24

My Day!

December 22, 2012

One of the best days in my life! I had my early birthday celebration. So thankful for those who came. It sure is great to celebrate a very important day with the ones you love. Specially those whom I thought would never be my friends and now, there’s a strong bond between us. I’m pertaining to my family in our classroom, Pamilyang Pinagpala<3 I would also like to thank my church family, Dancers and Bemanians.
Ofcourse, a bigger THANKS to my family who has been so busy preparing for this event.

Finally, Dear God, thank you! Because everything was made possible through you. Thank you for giving me another year. I promise to spend it wisely! Ofcourse, with You!

And for the upcoming year, I’m praying for a better relationship between us all.


Nov 26


That feeling when you thought he’ll turn out to be a fairytale yet, he’s just a nightmare!!!

OKAY! First of all, I didn’t plan to be friends with him! So, it wasn’t my intention to fall for him. It just happened. I expected, I assumed that you’ll love me back. I WAS WRONG! You have someone else in your heart. Hayyy, expectation met reality! You love me as a friend! Nothing more than that!

I thank God that he sent you to me. Though, I wasn’t able to understand his PERFECT WILL! This experienced drew me close to HIM and it revealed to me this message from God, “My dear daughter, you are meant for someone else. I’ll show you the right person. I want you to be contented with me first. Then at the right time, right place and set-up you’re Mr. Right will come to life =)) The pain will end! Just learn to trust me! I love you!”

Oct 24

A Day With My Bestfriends =))

Ugh! After those stressful 4 months, 18 weeks, 133 days, and 1,197 hours it sure is fun to end my first sem with my bestfriends. This has been one of my best days. I’m so relaxed that after our busy school days, we finally had time to bond. We ate P50.00 worth siomai with rice, drank orange juice, shot more than a hundred pictures, sang our hearts out and watched our project in Filipino. This is a great way to start our semester break! Thank you Lord for this wonderful happening. I won’t forget this! Lots of love for Jaira Rine Lantican McCreery Phillips and Lyrisse Gonzales Abrams Langone <3

Sep 08

It was all worth it!

What a day! September 8, 2012 is a day to remember!

First of all, I found out that I belong to the top 10. 5th honors to be exact.

Second, my bestfriend issues are finally OVER! He finally talked to me :))

And lastly, our surprise party for one of my best buds was a success! Though, there were only 4 of us who came, still we survived.

Thank God for such a blessed day! I love you Lord ♥

Sep 07

Intramurals 2012! SUCESS!

September 7, 8 and 9. The 3-day celebration of intramurals in Blessed Christian School de Sta. Rosa Inc. It sure was fun to just sit back and relax while my team mates play for our group. Hahaha. Nah! I did some effort. I played Scrabble and I ranked 3rd. Not bad! Though, it was really disappointing. Because after 5 years of being the champ of the game, this year I ranked third! That’s gonna leave a mark! Anyway, I thank God for it was so successful! I know that everyone enjoyed and I believe that we all got the attitude of being sport! BEST WEEK of the school year!!!


Let this be our prayer. That God continues to transform our minds. That we stop letting things corrupt us. It stops us from letting God transform us. So live a life for Christ not the world. (Taken with Instagram)


Let this be our prayer. That God continues to transform our minds. That we stop letting things corrupt us. It stops us from letting God transform us. So live a life for Christ not the world. (Taken with Instagram)

Sep 05

What did I do!!??

Hays! This is a stressful day! My bestfriend hates me! I don’t know if I offended him. I don’t know if it’s me who has the problem. I DON’T KNOW IF HE’S STILL MY BESTFRIEND! I can’t find a reason why he’s like that to me. He barely look at me. I try to smile at him but he just looked away. It’s as if he doesn’t know me! Hush! Now, I wanna cry and I wanna scream it all out! He’s always nowhere to be found when I need him. So, Dear God, help me! What should I do!?

Aug 26

Friend of Mine :)

It really is nice to have a friend who supports you, cares for you, makes you smile whenever you’re down, and stands by you always. In short, it is great to have a BESTFRIEND!

You can lean on him, cry to him, laugh with him and you can share all your marathon stories to him. When you’re with him, everything seems to be MAGICAL!

Everything was fine between us, ‘til that day I fell for him. How can I stop myself from falling for him. He’s intelligent, kind, nice, and he loves me. Though, it was just a friendly love. Even though I’m inlove with him I never show him how I feel.

One day, I was about to tell him how I really feel but he said he has more important thing to tell me. He told me that it is an important good news. I was excited to listen to what he’s going to say. My heart was torn into pieces when he uttered, “Bestfriend, I’m inlove.” I acted normally. I sadi, I’m happy for him but deep inside it tears me apart.

Days passed and I can see he’s happy with that girl. I still act like I’m not hurting. If only he knows, I cry myself to sleep. It hurts when he tells me stories that they’re happy together. I always try to smile at him so my sorrow won’t show.

Now, I’m trying my best to be happy for him. I love him, that’s why I’m willing to give up my happiness for him =”>

Jul 20

He has plans for me :))

This has been a stressing week for me! This stress started last week. I kept on asking God if I should give up the person I love and just move on. Then, that very night, I dreamed of him. I was crying when I woke up. I thought it was a sign. Well, I was wrong. Just last Wednesday, I heard the news that the girl he’s courting finally said YES to him. It hurts to see him bring her flowers while his shirt is full of heart-shaped paper. I just cried my all. Then,a thought came to me. A voice came, saying, “He don’t deserve you. You are designed for someone else.” Then I was like, “LORD! YOU’RE REALLY THE BEST! I GOT YOUR POINT! I’LL WAIT FOR THAT GUY PATIENTLY. KINDLY TELL HIM I’M WAITING FOR HIM! THANKS!”